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A parking mobile app, which allows drivers to purchase eCoupons, pay eSummons and extend their parking session. It enables Parking Enforcement Officers to do their more easily.



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Project by:
Entrepreneurship Centre

Group Members:
Nittayawan Charoenkharungrueang
Jolene Tan Qiu Yin
Raeesah Bte Abdul Malik
Ye Xianmin
Nur Namirah Bte Anee
At Temasek Polytechnic, we believe that entrepreneurship is a mindset and discipline that must be embraced by students and staff alike. We subscribe to the study and practice of entrepreneurship both within and beyond the curriculum. Maximum opportunities are created to foster and facilitate multi-disciplinary learning and practice of entrepreneurship across the Polytechnic – regardless of the course of study and field of specialisation..