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Every week, or month, most families will have a person heading to the grocery store to stock up their house’s daily necessities. This tradition has been going on for every family since long ago. Until today, people are getting busier with their life because of the rapidly growing economy. Therefore, many people find it tedious to go down to the supermarket or grocery store to purchase groceries due to their busy schedules.

In order to solve this problem and allowing these group of people to have more time to do their things, Let’s Go Grocery proposed a solution that will change the way people buy groceries and let them spend more time on more important things. Let’s Go Grocery is an online grocery marketplace that allows people to utilise technologies and get their groceries done through a website or mobile application. After placing an order through the website or mobile application, Let’s Go Grocery would pack the products ordered from our warehouse or goes to supermarket customer requested to purchase the list of items and deliver it to their doorstep at their desired timeslot. All the effort of going down to the store are now done by just a few clicks while you are comfortably sitting on a chair, or wherever you are.



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Siow Min Yee
Tey Yen Zhen
Lexus George
Ryan Ng Zi Feng