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Our business is called SKREWiT and we are an upcycling e-commerce business. Upcycling means to reuse discarded items into products of higher value or use. We collect "junk" from people and instead of throwing these away, we refurbish it into something more practical and aesthetic. For example, we collect many old bicycle parts. What we do next is that, we take wheels of the bicycles and make them into a fashionable men's sling bag. Another example would be collecting Mason jar's and using it as a miniature garden where small plants will be plotted in soil along with pebbles to give it a more natural look. This way we save GAIA by actively participating in the 3R's (reduce, reuse, recycle). We reduce the amount of waste in the environment by reusing or recycling them. We emphasize heavily on fashion and saving the environment as climate change is a pressing issue in Singapore. We want to show Singaporeans that we are proud of being a Garden City and we should embrace this image. Fashion also plays a key role as more young adults are looking toward "fresh" and "hip" apparels. Here, we send the message that you can be trendy in what you wear and care for the environment at the same time.



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Aida Zahra Bte Abdul Aziz
Baratharam s/o Manogaran
Kyaw Phone Myat
Lau Yu Fei