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ToYou, a Singapore-based catering service that aims to revolutionise the catering industry. The company aims to provide freshly prepared authentic local food to customers in the comfort of their home. We cater to smaller groups of people, under 30 pax, that other caterers may not reach out to. These are the groups of people that are staying in HDB flats. We believe that the environment and ambiance can set the mood and enhance hospitality to our customers. Therefore, we also offer our customers an option for decoration services with creative props to bring any gathering to life. This is one aspect that sets us apart from other catering services. We also take importance in easing the process of catering for our customers buy availing options of having utensils, extra waiters and plastic dining furniture. Through offering premium services and fresh local food, we aim to further the development of the company as a profitable start up with a bright future prospects ahead.



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Cheryl Khoo Ray Ting
Chloe Chee Zi Xuan
Peng Lee Heng