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We are a hybrid catering and events company which aims to integrate the mentally-ill into today’s workforce to allow them to gain experience and confidence. We function on a work-integration model and a plough back profit model. We also seek to primarily raise awareness about the condition of mentally ill, through the social/recreational events we will be planning.

We primarily aim to collaborate with IMH Job Club to source for our mentally-ill beneficiaries and to provide them with job opportunities within the catering and events management industry. Since IMH Job Club already provides training and job preparation classes in the FnB industry for roles such as Kitchen Helper and Dish Washer, we believe that they would not need as much training within this area.

We would however, aim to partner with Adrenaline Events in order to seek advice and guidance on how to carry out creative and good events planning. We hope that they will be able to provide some training to our mentally-ill beneficiaries as they have years of expertise caring for their physically-disabled and youth at risk beneficiaries and are a well-established social enterprise.

Overall, we offer events planning and catering services, cooking lessons, sales of baked goods and a subscription model for our mobile app.

We believe that our mentally-ill beneficiaries can function well within the catering industry with a little understanding and help from the Blossoming Minds team. We also feel that by allowing our beneficiaries to plan and execute social, lifestyle and recreational events, they will be able to get over illnesses such as depression and anxiety more easily as they will be able to enjoy themselves in a positive environment and interact with the public. This goes a long way to re-integrating them back into society as they will gain more confidence in themselves.



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