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The purpose of our business proposal is to state our plan for the starting up of Heartfelt Cafe and our company descriptions. Heartfelt Cafe is a frozen yogurt and ice-cream cafe that aims to provide top quality yogurts and ice cream to our customers. By using the good value strategy, we provide customers with a variety of different toppings and flavours to choose from at affordable prices. The first outlet will be opened at Temasek Polytechnic, catering to the taste buds of the youths from the campus, as well as young working adults.

The business will be operating as a limited liability partnership and is to be owned equally by the five partners, specifically Wu Hao Min, Kingson Chan, Tan Wei Qin Felicia, Ong Si Ying Jolin and Eng Jia Yi. The profits and losses would also be shared equally amongst the partners. The total capital contributed into the business would be $125,000 before having a bank loan. Since this is a start-up business, the partners would be running the different departments of the company as well as a total of 8 staff for the first outlet.

Our goal is to have an outlet in every educational institution in Singapore, preferably in all 5 of the Polytechnics by end of 2016. Moreover, if our business is doing well enough, we plan to set up shops in major shopping centre around the city area in the near future.

We also aim to bring our cafe closer to the hearts of our customers by providing them with a comfortable home-like environment whereby they can relax and unwind in our plushy chairs. This is to make the customers feel comfortable and at ease, the same feeling they will get at home.

What makes our cafe so unique and different from our competitors other than our home-like environment are the choices of sweet treats that the customers can choose from. The customers would be spoilt for choices as we will be providing both different kinds of frozen yogurts and ice-cream for them to choose from, with a variety of toppings.

As the business is expanding, we may plan to either franchise our business or buy over another company. This is to allow Heartfelt Cafe to grow and expand its brand name by having a share in the market, as well as to generate more profits.



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