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Foodborne illness is a growing concern worldwide, mostly caused by the consumption of food or water contaminated with foodborne pathogens. However, in most outbreaks, pinpointing the source of contamination is difficult. This is partly because of inadequate information provided by victims due to memory gaps or biased recollection of food consumption history.
Several solutions, such as the use of credit card receipts or web-based retrograde surveillance systems, have been used as ways to help victims recall their food consumption history to aid in the investifation process. However, such retroactive recording exercises have their limitations due to the diversity of food consumed and the subsequent partial memory gaps of the respondents.
myFoodandI is a mobile application prototype developed in collaboration with the Environmental Health Institute (EHI), a public health laboratory at the National Environmental Agency (NEA). It collects daily food consumption history and notifications of foodborne illness symptoms. The data would be directly imported to a web-based server for storage and analysis.



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